About Us

Welcome to EXOFITNESS - an innovative and stylish range of fitness wear featuring unique technology which will maximise your workout - whether simply walking in the park or undergoing targeted training.

The EXOFITNESS range is designed around the use of our exclusively designed weighted flexible pad system. The pads are located over key muscle areas and can easily be inserted and removed from the garments to enhance your workout as required 

The superb technical functionality of the EXOBASE garments takes nothing away from its fashion-led style, design and ease-of-wear.  Manufactured from hi-tec fabric providing breathability and moisture-wicking benefits, the garments feel soft against the skin, resulting in optimum comfort for the wearer.

EXOFITNESS is about 



Today, four years from conception - having sought patents, carried out lab-based testing, quality production tests and controlled performance experiments - EXOFITNESS is proud to launch its range.

We invite you to enjoy the body conditioning results you can achieve by simply switching from your everyday fitness gear to the EXOFITNESS range.